McClure Family


my husband Jedediah + me,

our son Tagg + our daughter Reece + our puppy Otto

I   have always enjoyed children... their energy, their sense of wonder, their hopeful yet candid perspective. A journey through the years of childhood brings many changes, but some things remain constant: children are inspired and enlivened by sincerity and enthusiasm... and a bit of magic never hurts!


As a mother, I have found that the traditions we create for our children are what keep us connected throughout that journey.


I created Parties with Character to create unique memories for the families in our communities, through entertainment that is truly meaningful.


I design and craft each costume and wig by hand, so every detail is authentic, and I personally portray each female face character at every Parties with Character event, guaranteeing the highest quality without exception. Please visit the Parties with Character Facebook page @PrincessChicago and on Google to read reviews from families who have trusted me to make their milestones shine - with five stars, every time.


The magic and wonder of having a character they look up to come to life, join them on their special day, and become their best friend is something your child will treasure for years to come. 


I am so excited to plan a celebration with you, and to make your family's journey through childhood even more memorable... and a bit more magical!